“Dark Exorcist” by Tim Miller:

Ok, So the “Dark Exorcist” was very entertaining to say the least. Did I love it? No, But I didn’t hate it. I guess I am saying that I really enjoyed it. If you asked me if I would recommend it, then I would say yes. The “Dark Exorcist” is a story of, you guessed it, an exorcism, but unlike any of the exorcism movies, this one takes place in a hospital and it isn’t just the one person that is being possessed. Without giving too much away, if you want gore and blood and violence, then this would be for you. The story actually gave me the chills, which has not happened in over a decade. That is saying something for me right there. I thought that the story was decently written and the storyline was very good. It had very little typos and the Grammar was great. It flowed very smoothly. I would give it a 3 1/2 star rating if I were to rate it.


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