“Conklin’s Blueprints” by Brooke Page:

I absolutely loved this book. I thought that it was well written and flowed smoothly. Tyler Conklin and his brother Nathan are swoon worthy and very playful. It starts out with Becca being a pushover as well as a whiny, annoying drama queen, but she doesn’t stay that way, thank goodness. Becca is a woman whose family is well off, but she is very independent and works her ass off for what she has. This story is pretty much in a nut shell a story about living and learning. Becca lives through her troubled past and learns from her mistake while finding her backbone with the help of Tyler. Tyler is a sly and timid guy when it comes to relationships due to his past rendezvous’. Together they learn how to handle the ups and downs of any relationship. It is a beautiful story to say the least. I would recommend it for those hopeless romantics out there. Well done Brooke, I look forward to your next one.


One thought on ““Conklin’s Blueprints” by Brooke Page:

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