“Weak For Him” By Lyra Parish

Wow! Where to start…So I was blown away by this book from the very get go. I got the pleasure of being asked to Beta read “Weak For Him” and I do not regret my decision to say yes. I was drawn in just in the first five chapters of the book. I did everything with this book from eating all the way to taking it to the bathroom with me, because I did not want to put it down. The main character Jennifer is a foul mouthed, free spirit that is tired of living a modest lifestyle and after the death of her parents, she decides to go to where else? Vegas Baby! Jennifer had her plan of what she was going to do in Vegas and where she would work and live. Plans change…She finds herself out of the job of her dreams, but a mishap occurred and because of that mishap, Jennifer was thrown into a job interview with Mr. Felton. Little does she know that Finnley Felton does not run your average run of the mill business. Jennifer is faced with Felton’s job offer or go back to Texas and she does not want that. With “Weak For Him” you are going to get a rollercoaster of goodness. I personally found myself going through the emotions that Jennifer was going through and that is just awesome in my opinion. I do not have anything bad to say about this book, so there you have it. I would so recommend this book and I cannot wait to read everything that Lyra has coming to us.


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