“Shayla’s Stories” By Beverly Preston

Beverly Has done it again with her book “Shayla’s Stories.” I am blown away and left wanting more. This book can be a stand alone or it can go right along with “No More Wasted Time.” “Shayla’s Stories” is about the very sexy and very famous Tom Clemmins’ niece Shayla. For those of you who have read NMWT you would know what I am talking about. Shayla works as Tom Clemmin’s assistant. She is very busy in her work and struggling with a relationship on the rocks. When Shayla is told she is needed in Greece for assisting her uncle, that gives her the chance to find clarity and find what she wants to do about her relationship woes. Shayla is not happy, however that she has to travel with Tess’ kids. Tess is Tom’s girlfriend and Tess’ kids were not a big fan of Tom to begin with and that bothered Shayla. Little did Shayla know, that she would feel right at home with Tess’ close knit family. Shayla ends up getting more than she bargained for when she is in Greece and that leaves her more confused than ever. Shayla returns home to finally make her decision and take the bull by the horns and comes head to head with a huge shock. You will have to read it to find out what that shock and what exactly she finds in Greece. Teehee! Way to go Beverly Preston. Once again you have left me very satisfied and panting for more heat and romance in your books. I don’t have anything bad to say about this book. So there you have it, another awesome book that I would recommend to everyone.


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